Wednesday, June 01, 2005


"Big Shot Bob" (Robert) Horry

Robert Horry has always been somewhat overrated in my book. Ok...GREATLY overrated.

But he's still hitting big shots for the Spurs when the money is on the line. It makes me feel old as hell to look at Horry and think he's 34-years-old.

He's managed to collect 5 and possibly a 6th championship ring this season. Yet somehow, he's still a lot of hot air in my book. Is it because he use to look somewhat like Will Smith (in his thinner days when he sported the flat top without the receding hair line)? It sure ain't because of his stats: he's never averaged over 12 points or 8 rebounds in a season. His big game, three point heroics have only translated into one season in his 13-year career when he shot better than 40% behind the arc. 100 blocks in only one season, and after he left the Rockets in '96, he never averaged more than 3.0 assists per contest (even with Shaq to throw it into).

Magic Johnson, after the 2002 playoffs, called Horry one of the top 15 playoff performers OF ALL TIME! Maybe I'll just never figure out why everyone loves this guy. To me, he's a nice player who threw a temper tantrum and attacked Danny Ainge with a towel.

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