Wednesday, May 04, 2005


KC Star's Randy Covitz Continues Government Friendly Reporting

On 610 AM Sports today, Randy Covitz and Neal Jones took turns kissing the butt of Mayor Kay Barnes. They both admitted to being possibly naive about the Sprint Center Arena issue, and went on to say that it may just take blind faith to trust Barnes and company to do the right thing.

Beautiful sentiments to hear coming from your city's prominent sports journalist/personalities.

Covitz's latest crappy report dealing with the Arena and yet to be determined tenants, names the Sonics, Kings, and Magic, as all being possible NBA franchises on the move. In the article, NBA commissioner David Stern jokingly says that KC maybe lucky to get a WNBA franchise (uuggghhhh).

Of those three teams, the Sonics are the only team with cap flexibility to give KC a winner by 2007 or 2008 when the arena is up and running. I've already detailed why the Magic are an awful franchise to acquire (you can read it here). I doubt the Kings are going to be heading back to a city they left 20 years ago.
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